Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Puppy and the Hedgehog

We have a gorgeous 10months old Cocker Spaniel puppy who I love to bits :) One night he drove me and my other half nuts as he kept barking and barking and just would not stop. I must add to this that he lives in the garden and has got the full run of the garden. When he was barking so loudly we decided to go and check out what actually was happening and we had a surprise picture when we opened the french door to the garden. Happy ( the cocker spaniel puppy) was sitting in front of the door looking at the hedgehog and barking at it. The funny thing was, that the hedgehog was looking back and watching the dog like he was saying 'What are you barking at?' :) it was sooo cute. Of course we have decided than this can't really go on long term as we had to wake up almost every hour for a night to stop Happy barking at the hedgehog. The next day we have waited until 9pm when the hedgehog came to visit Happy again and we took both of them into our living room to socialize. :) The hedgehog was not bothered at all, it happily explored the living room and was very interested in Happy and the tiny piece of cheese was gave him. Happy soon realized the hedgehog is now part of the pack and has not barked at it ever since, though his little hedgehog friend still comes and visits him every night, we wouldn't dare leave the cheese out for him though, as Happy would nick it straight away. lol :)
Unfortunately the camera battery went flat when we tried to take a picture of the hedgehog and Happy together, but I have attached one from Happy when he was just a baby.

Mia x


  1. Well done on bitting the bullet and starting your blog. What a gorgeous looking dog you have and what a lovely story to start your blog with.

  2. Congrats on joining the blog club. Looking forward to your Craftjuice Tuesday picks. Your dog is lovely by the way, makes you want to go aah

  3. What a cute puppy - I will have to introduce my miniature daschund to the blogging world too. I see we aren't too far away from each other.