Saturday, 1 May 2010

Handmade Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Hi All :)

I was on a great course today at Carl is great and the studio is really brilliant, it's well equipped and in a lovely location in Hampshire.

Emma taught me today how to create Silver fingerprint jewellery. I have really enjoyed every bit of the day and learnt some great tips as well to use with my silver clay work. You can see Emma's work on She is lovely and very professional, please check out her website for fingerprint jewellery, 3D Plaster Sculptures, Impressions and Castings.

I can now add the fingerprint jewellery to my collection and also looking into creating imprint jewellery for hands, feet and paws. :) So watch this space.

I would like to practice my newly learnt skills, so offering a free silver fingerprint pendant to the first 5 people who contact me. So hurry up :) and you can have a precious memory from one of your loved ones and give one to them. You'll save £35 by contacting me very quickly on

Updated 02/05 - we now have our 5 lucky winners :)

Mia x

Friday, 30 April 2010

Charity Auction for MS sufferers

Hi All,

Please check out for the MS online charity auction. All items are handmade and donated to this cause by the crafters. 100% of the auction will go to the MS sufferers charity on

I have donated a Freya handmade silver chainmaille bracelet - ,but there are some gorgeous items up for auction, my favourite is the Basketball Playing Giraffes painting at Lot 6 from

The bids are welcome until Friday the 7th of May. Please help us raise as much money as possible.

Mia x

Avatar on Blu-Ray

Just received Avatar on Blu-Ray from Amazon yesterday and watched it today. It's my favourite movie ever, but not only because of the special effects and that is was 3D in the movies, but because it represents a culture that we should all aim to get towards to, although I find we're getting further away from it day by day. I love watching Avatar with the brilliant Pandora planet that is unbelievably amazing and the Navis who are living a full life without stress and arguements. I do envy them... Hopefully we will wake up one day and start working together and appreciating each other instead of constantly fighting and stressing...
Mia x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Winchester Craft Fair and New Pendant

Hi All :)
Sorry for being quiet for so long, the last week was very busy with organising and stock building.
I had a very successful craft fair in Winchester on Saturday that I have truly enjoyed. I have met some lovely crafters and hope to see them again very soon. :) We had great fun and talked to lots of customers.
I brought a new design with that was a leaf shaped fine silver (PMC) pendant with a Japanese symbol stamped in the silver. I hade one for Love, one for Happiness and one for Good Fortune they all found their happy owners by the end of the craft fair. I have enhanced these with pearls for Love, amethyst for Good Fortune and Rose Quartz for Happiness.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but planning to make more of these for the 3rd of May Craft Fair and I'll make sure to load a picture later. :)
Mia x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nintendo Wii JustDance

This is hilarious :) my OH is 'dancing' in the middle of the living room to That's the way I like it... sooo funny. I just finished 'dancing' to Cotton Eye Joe a minute ago, he has laughed his head off and promised he'll record it next time and put it on YouTube lol :) meanwhile Happy (the puppy) was holding onto my trousers while I was trying to dance... great fun :)
We have JustDance party with our neighbours this Saturday, so I feel lots of practice coming up...
This is a brilliant game, well worth buying, moves you around as well and gets the heart rate up if you could still move after all the laughing ;)
Mia x

New Facebook Page :)

Finally... I have got the courage this week not only to start a blog, but also to create my facebook page :) Please check it out and let me know what you think of it.!/pages/Waterlooville-United-Kingdom/Jewellery-by-Mia/111206572252199?ref=sgm
Mia x

Monday, 19 April 2010

My handmade silver jewellery in Top Notch Beauty Salon

Hi Everybody :)
I have great news. As of today I have my handmade silver jewellery displayed in the Top Notch Beauty Salon in Waterlooville where I live. Angela the owner is lovely and does all sorts of holistic treatments including reiki. I must try it one day. :) The salon also offers beauty treatments and hairdressing.
Angela has agreed to display my stock and trial it out for 6 months to see how it goes. I'm sooo excited, I can't wait to have the first sale from there. She has promised she'll call me as soon as someone buys an earring, necklace or bracelet.
Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.
She has got the following on stock if you live local and would like to have a look:
You can find them at:
TopNotch Ladies Hair & Beauty Salon
143-145 Milton Parade,
Milton Road,

Mia x